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Alternative Mental Health, Flouride Alert, RefScout, and Google Groups

In this new column I will share great internet resources for the alternative medical community. I'm especially interested in offering sites which are informative, well-designed, disability-accessible, and credible.


Safe Harbor, a Los Angeles-based non-profit organization, shares worldwide resources on serious mental illnesses via http://www.AlternativeMentalHealth.com/> The site includes a practitioner database, contact information for patients' rights groups, testimonials, information on conferences, and links to some fascinating articles.

The site has especially interesting information on metabolic disorders, toxins, and diseases that lead to mental symptoms. For instance, you can learn about resolution of postpartum psychosis with vitamin B12, or resolution of panic attacks after treatment for Lyme disease, or read a manual for mental health program administrators and staff on how to screen patients for active physical diseases.

Practices employed by practitioners in the database include allergy testing and treatment, nutritional therapy, chiropractic, homeopathy, full medical exam for physical problems affecting behavior along with treatment for medical ailments, herbal treatments, and toxic metals testing and treatment. The database specifically excludes people who perform psychosurgery or shock treatment. Some of the practitioners will prescribe small amounts of psychiatric drugs, and some will help patients to get off of them.

This site is a resource on ADD, anorexia, autism, bipolar disorder, bulimia, dementia, depression, manic depression, OCD, panic disorder, psychosis, schizophrenia, and more.


The Fluoride Action Coalition aims to end water fluoridation and to alert people around the world about fluoride's health and environmental risks.

Their site is rich and persuasive. (I supported water fluoridation for many years until I came into contact with this information.) The site includes current news, history, information, reports, links to proponent and opponent websites, and a Citizen Tool Kit. Amidst all the myriad content, be sure to check out intriguing statements such as "Why I Changed My Mind about Water Fluoridation" by John Colquhoun, PhD, and "Fluoride: A Statement of Concern," by Paul Connett, PhD.

The site goes beyond the issue of water fluoridation, also addressing fluoride use in industries such as pesticides, pharmaceuticals, plastics, and nuclear production.


RefScout[R] is a cool, helpful tool. RefScout[R] screens databases covering life and medical sciences for key words or the combination of key words you specify, and will automatically email you any abstract that has come up during the last week. It's currently free, but they are planning to begin charging a nominal fee for the service.

Internet Tip


Most internet search engines only search web pages. Google.com also can search newsgroups (which they call "Groups"). Newsgroups, which cover a vast array of topics, are a great way to answer the question, "What are people saying about [your subject]?" Sample newsgroups include: misc.health.alternative






You can search more than 500 million newsgroup posts at http://groups.google.com/. You can also register to post comments or questions. Once you find the right newsgroup you can often get expert answers within minutes or hours of your post.

Maijorie Roswell is a web developer and a geographic information specialist at the University of Maryland Baltimore County Center for Health Program Development and Management.

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