A current Django project with the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, to crowd-source debate questions. Users can register, submit questions, vote, view by category, and search. The best questions will rise to the top. The project will eventually be open-sourced.


Committee Maps

Interactive maps of congressional committees and subcommittees, including social media links, and links to aggregated campaign finance information. My favorite use of the site is to explore how much sugar, beer, and other corporate interests fund members of the agriculture committees. This project has been a labor of love. I did most of the coding and map creation, but I consulted with several JavaScript gurus along the way.
JavaScript, Leaflet, Congress API, Foundation, Underscore, Handlebars, jQuery, MapShaper
A note: Mapshaper is a treasure, allowing me to take a 100MB map and reduce its size by nearly 95%. I collaborated with the developers (though we've never met in person). Sample issues: https://github.com/mbloch/mapshaper/issues?q=author%3Amroswell+
Legislative Committee Maps
My OpenGov grant project extends CommitteeMaps.org to map every state legislative committee.  
Progress thus far (no maps yet): 
JavaScript, Leaflet, OpenStates API, Foundation, lodash, jQuery, Python (to pre-process the GIS files). States with only joint committees are not yet reflected on the site.
Farm Bill Primer
Please explore the Chart links, the Spending Chart, Farm Bill Programs by Category, etc.
This site is not a standard blog or news site. It's mostly a resource for farm bill advocates "in the trenches."  I did the page design, as well as all the visualizations. The page widens for charts, and narrows for the home page.
WordPress, Tableau Public, TileMill/MapBox
Maryland League of Conservation Voters Legislative Scorecard
This custom map accounts for Maryland legislative districts served by either one, or two, or three Delegates. Hence we chose dots rather than standard choropleth maps. (Also English versions, and a 2013 set.)
TileMill/MapBox, Joomla (I researched arcane Joomla code to add body tags, so that we could remove sidebars for the map pages)
North Carolina Legislative Scorecard
Same concept as the Maryland scorecard, but implements NCLCV-chosen colors and color breaks. (North Carolina staff wanted to de-emphasize how many legislators earned a zero score—they're almost all bad on the environment, and they don't need any more enemies than they already have. In contrast, Maryland wanted to emphasize the particularly bad legislators, reserving a separate color for the zeroes. A lot of thought went into color choices for both projects.
D3, Google Sheets
2014 Endorsement Map
Like the NC scorecard above, this site is powered by Google Sheets. Organizations love this approach: very flexible, takes advantage of Google's own permissions. Changes to the sheet automatically update the map.
Javascript, Leaflet, Google Sheets, jQuery, Handlebars, Bootstrap
Python snippets
I made an appointment with a Python person to help make that happen, but I was successful on my own getting census shapefiles to download in their own properly-named state directory. 
Python, ogr
New functions for Google Sheets to interact with the Google Map API. I built these during my work with the Voting Information Project
JavaScript, Google Sheets
Book: Drupal 5 Views Recipes
I wrote this book in 2008. Since that time I've been a technical reviewer on two other Packt books—one on jQuery UI, and one on Geospatial Analysis with Python, released this month.
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