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I wrote the Packt book, Drupal 5 Views Recipes, published in 2009

I wrote a column in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, Web Page Potpourri, from 2003 - 2008

Lately I just write emails. Lots of emails—and the occasional light verse.

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Build your website in Drupal

A roundup of Drupal sites essential modules, and resources for your  website

Web Page Potpourri: the Cancer Prevention Coalition

A column devoted to informative alternative health resources on the internet

3443 Guilford Terrace * Baltimore, Maryland 21218 USA * Phone: 410-375-5803 * Email:

Please don't confuse (Cancer Prevention Coalition) with (Cancer Research and Prevention Foundation). The latter focuses on early detection and the "war on cancer" which the Cancer Prevention Coalition, by contrast, exposes as deeply flawed.

The Cancer Prevention Coalition's website is a good information source on avoidable exposures (including food irradiation, pesticides, cosmetics, medicines, hormones) and avoidable cancers (including colon, breast, prostate, thyroid, and childhood cancers). The site also tackles the deeply political territory of how the "war on cancer" is funded and manifested.

Be sure to check out this recent downloadable report on the site: The Stop Cancer Before it Starts Campaign: How to Win the Losing War Against Cancer. (I am one of the endorsers, and looking at the list of the others, I feel in good company.) The formatting doesn't win any awards, but the content is essentially an expos6 of the cancer establishment.

The Coalition's Director, Dr. Samuel Epstein, MD, wrote and later updated the book, The Politics of Cancer, Revisited, a rich 770-page sourcebook. The website and the book have much overlapping content, but the book does have content not on the web, and vice-versa. For instance, the report mentioned above (only on the web) has information on recent election contributions by the chemical industry, and details on flaws in Dianne Feinstein's proposed National Cancer Act. "Regrettably," it notes, "this well-intentioned Bill unwittingly surrenders the National Cancer Program to special interests." Both book and website include specific guidelines for reform in national cancer policy.

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Customizations, imports, and a hot NationBuilder website, for your  organization.

Contact me at if you would like to get started.

I can help you to choose the best solution for your needs. I wrote a book on Drupal, started a meetup on WordPress... and now I've found a happy home with NationBuilder. NationBuilder offers a lot of power, and I will help you to unlock it.

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Web Page Potpourri: PCRM

PCRM is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Web Page Potpourri: Vaccination

Sites which discourage vaccination, and sites which encourage vaccination

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Web Page Potpourri: Autism, Alternative Medicine, Right-to-Know

  • "We Cured Our Son's Autism"
  • "If you want good information, check out the library. If you want great information, check out the librarian."
  • "With the Right-to-Know Network, we're not left to wonder."

Web page Potpourri: a column devoted to informative alternative health resources on the internet

Alternative Mental Health, Flouride Alert, RefScout, and Google Groups

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Remember to use organic berries.

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My book
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Map of NRA Grades for Senators
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"We Knew the Vitamix was Powerful."
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