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Water Fasting (or Not so Fast)

Water Fasting (or, Not So Fast)

Her stomach has contracted
Her malaise is long protracted
And her words have been redacted
They're not fitting for young ears.

It's a method antiquated
Just don't eat--it's been related
Why good health is surely fated
And your system surely clears.

The key is drinking water
And like anybody's daughter
She does everything she ought'er
But the water won't go down.

So air comes forth, and air goes aft
She's thinking what she's done is daft
She'd rather topple from a raft
So noted with a frown.

Well, when all is said and done
And this body battle won
She expects to have more fun
She will dance, she'll buy a bike

But while she's going through it
And she's thinking that she blew it
She wants to say, "Oh Chew It!"
And more phrases much alike.

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Birthday poem for Natasha

Natasha has braids
Oh my gosh - she'll amaze.
She's been fasting for days!
And she's still in good spirits.

She's a natural woman
Nature's law she obeys
Whatever the excess
Her fast will soon clear it

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Ode to Marc Sobel

The choices are stark
All our efforts are noble
But a prize go to Marc--
That's: Mr. Marc Sobel.

I dunno if he's dances
But he's doing the Salsa!
Finding the people:
Tahoma to Tulsa
From Trenton, to Tuscan, Toledo, to Tampa
Finding each teen, each mom, dad, or Grandpa

Some sit on a beach, with strawberry guava
Some will sip tea, while others sip java
No matter cuisine, place (or wig, or toupee)
Here's to our website: dot com, USA

And the Party of Coffee: Our work is ne'er done.
But this poem reprises the fine work of one.

Questioning and correcting Attention Deficit Disorder

A physician calls the ADD  "total 100% fraud." A nutrition counselor offers terrific resources. Ritalin death, the Ritalin Song, and more

Where have all the food scraps gone? Gone to redworms, everyone

Worms eat my garbage--specifically, my food scraps. Maybe after you review some of the resources in this column, you'll let worms eat yours, too.

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Tea and Towels

Tea and towels and
Bees and bowels
And whoooh, the vowels
Of wise old owls

Smiles and growls
And honks and howls 
Oh, the things that evening brings.

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Ranch Hands

Ranch hands
Big plans
Clear streams
Big dreams
So grand!

(Oh wouldn't it be wonderful!)

Upon Consideration of the Material in Chapter 4

The alpha glycocidic bond is feeling very down,
While the beta glycocidic bond is up, about the town
And bonding glucose as they do, they form disaccharides,
And fiber, glycogen, and more (with some just for the ride).

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Convenience Isn't Everything

Watermelon, watermelon
Seedless stuff—who thought of that?
Well, sure, you needn't spit out seeds
But flavor's near to wet, felt hat.

On Facing Part 2 of a 3-Part Series of Dental Appointments

Oh, she of stripe-ed teeth
Doth to the dentist go this morning
She of multicolored teeth
Doth offer him this warning:
(She with holes that air blows through,
and tooth ends crumbled down)
"Oh dentist sir, my hope's astir
You'll make me a nice crown."

Not crown of sort atop the head
Of gents and ladies regal
Nor Crown, the company in town
This town of dock and seagull.
Although, like kings, I gather gold
A-glint (atop my teeth.)
And when I'm dead, to you my dear
My gold I do bequeath.

Oh dentist, sir, and oh, my dear
Now that I've writ this poem,
It's time (again) to drop the pen
And toward the dentist roam.

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Bayliss Street Dinner Thank-you

Stacy and Rayned made a fabulous meal!

Peaches, tomatoes, pistachios, beets
Thai cole slaw with peanut-sauce-coconut-cream...

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The Maven

To Rafael, whose birthday gathering was held in Baltimore at Poe's Grave, and to Jill, inspiring a topic rhyming with "Lenore."
(With apologies to Poe and proper syllabic structure.)

The Maven
Upon reading Jill Richardson's Huffington Post piece on sewage sludge

Once upon a midday dreary, wandering gard'ners feeling weary
Wound around to find the Big Blue Bucket Eco-Fair
They stood in line, not seeming frantic. Still one shouldn't be pedantic:
Lie on lie, of size Titanic: They called the sewage sludge: "organic"
   Quoth officials: "it's organic."

Blogger, Jill said: Please beware. These buckets here, those buckets there
"Class A biosolids" squalid, are not quite clear on the brochure.
That's shit, that's sludge, that's toxic goo. Your garden might be fine with poo,
But  sure as sure, it isn't pure:
  Quoth the maven: it's manure

But perhaps we shouldn't all prejudge, the qualities of sewage sludge
Applied to farms and gardens from Midwest to shore.
Concerns of human health defects, a subject that by all respects,
Should trouble you no more, no more.
It's nothing like the horses Trojan; Cut your costs. And stop erosion!
Have no fear, and don't be craven; Never worry:
   Just feel sure.

Don't think about it: it won't scare ya: fecal coliform bacteria
Don't cogitate on heavy metals, salmonella... all that gore.
Enteric life? We're safe, we judge: two million per one gram of sludge*
Parasitic worms, and virus? Helminth ova? Just ignore!
It's for your garden, we implore: Apply it well, do not demure.
    Still: quoth the maven: "It's manure."
    (And will you taste it? Are you sure?)
    Quoth the maven: "It's manure."

*Government guidelines allow up to 2 million fecal colony forming units (CFU) per gram of biosolids.

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Light Verse

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Bayliss Street Dinner Thank-you
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Nine steps to a successful blog with

Breeze through these settings, to set up your blog

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Chemical Body Burden: Part 1

Body Burden information from the CDC, the Environmental Working Group, Concerned Moms, and more...

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