To the tune of Bill Staines' Garbage:

Our trash is residential, and it's inter-jurisdictional
Commercial, institutional, and more big words like that.
From households and from hospitals and even from our vehicles,
Petroleum-contaminated soils, and this and that.
But garbage is still garbage under almost any name
As refuse, rubbish, street dirt, litter, solid waste, the name's the same.
It's garbage (garbage, garbage, garbage...)....!


We're filling the up the landfill with garbage
What will we do when there's no place left to put all the garbage?
There are, of course, solutions which cut down on our pollution
And it all comes down to choices on just how we'll spend our dough.
Some companies would save their cash, by aggregating bottom ash
With residue that's scrubbed from places people dare not go
We've Integrated Management of Waste, Why can't you see?
Just burn the stuff! Then integrate the ash in you and me
That's garbage! (arbage, garbage, garbage...)
We're filling up the air with garbage
What will we do when there's nothing left to breathe but garbage?

With furans and dioxin, heavy metals that are toxins

Such as cadmium, zinc, copper, lead, aluminum and more?
This stuff is not a healthy brew, so let's be careful what we do
We legislate today to be prepared for what's in store
We like re-use recycling, reduction of our waste.
But let's not let the folks with interest move with unseen haste.
With garbage (garbage, garbage, garbage...)
Let's not fill our roadbeds with garbage.
Not unless we're sure it's safe
And let's not be the dupe, the naif
Let's be careful how we treat our garbage.
This bill's no great sensation, it just mandates regulation
And the licensing of ash before we use it in our stuff
It grants consideration to the nearby population
And mandates that materials be tracked, that's not so tough!
Keep the lead and cadmium from cinderblock and road!
Senate Bill Four-Forty-One is worthy of your vote! 
Take out the garbage!
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