Bayliss Street Dinner Thank-you

Stacy and Rayned made a fabulous meal!

Peaches, tomatoes, pistachios, beets
Thai cole slaw with peanut-sauce-coconut-cream...

Fennel and celery, mushrooms and greens
And raisins with peppers, and tarts with ice cream.

Sangria with fruit and a lemony drink,
Strawberries, steak: Now here's what I think
Chez Stacy and Rayned, you've set a fine table
Befitting of stars: Ms. Monroe, and Clark Gable
Perhaps never dined on such fine cannellini
And tasty red onions, and roasted zucchini

More verses would come, but the sandman is nigh...
Thanks for the dinner, and now, I hereby
(With hurrays and applause, from many a hand)
Pronounce you the best chefs in all of the land

Young graduates, profs, and artists and writers
Relished delicious and scrumptious delighters
Now hoola hoop, ho, near the brussels sprout plants
With a hark, and a bark, and Gregorian chants

The angels above all hearken the winner
O, fabulous Baylis Street Mid-summer dinner!

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TY :)
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